Since the last summary two month ago we have seen the 21.12 feature releases of Kontact, and more than 1800 changes by 35 contributors have been integrated. While a large focus remains on preparing for a smooth transition to Qt 6 and KDE Frameworks 6, there have been many other additions and improvements to the PIM applications as well.



Kalendar 0.4 was released and contains a new one-day and three-days view. It’s now also possible to drag and drop events to change their collection. Aside from that, a lot of focus has been put on performance, bug fixing and small quality of life improvements for this release.

See the full release notes for more details.


  • Fixed misaligned layout of header and footer columns in the agenda view (MR).
  • Fixed misalignment of all-day view and day headers without scrollbar in the agenda view (MR).
Screenshot of KOrganizer showing the agenda view header/footer decorations.
KOrganizer agenda view header/footer decorations.

Calendar Reminder Daemon

A common reminder daemon for both KOrganizer and Kalendar is in development with the goal to replace application specific solutions eventually. It’s entirely based on system notifications as its UI, which provides a lot of ways for customization out of the box and is less intrusive than e.g. KOrganizer’s current reminder dialog.

A new and particularly handy feature are context-specific actions for reminders, such as directly opening/joining an online meeting.

The final piece yet to be implemented is selecting the corresponding event in the preferred calendaring application.

Screenshot of a notification for a reminder for an online meeting offering an action to directly join the meeting.
Reminder notification for an online meeting with a corresponding context action.


  • Allow export and import of certificate groups (T5638).
  • Support external certificate lookup and import via WKD (additionally to keyserver lookup/import) (T5334).
  • Prefill external certificate lookup with local filter text (T5624).
  • Fix crashes or hangs on circular S/MIME certificate chains (T5697).


  • Fix sorting in the recently used emoji page.
  • Add support for the important/unread status of emails in the deletion confirmation plugin.
  • Fix folder history.
  • Improve test coverage for composing encrypted and signed message with and without Autocrypt.


  • Fixed many dialogs having buttons with “Yes”/”No” texts to instead use action verbs.
  • Fix plugin handling for the summary page.

Data import/export

  • Fix import and export of settings for the unified mail box.
  • Fix handling of SMTP settings.
  • Add support for importing/exporting DAV settings.


  • Show all numbers and times in localized form.
  • Fix bugs if a KAlarm command line action is attempted while KAlarm is already running (bug 446740):
    • ensure that that the command is executed;
    • don’t disable alarms after executing the command;
    • don’t quit the running instance if the command has bad options.
  • Handle empty or invalid calendar files so that they don’t prevent KAlarm initializing properly.
  • Fix crash when a resource is removed.


A lot has happened around KDE Itinerary and its KMail plugin as well, as you’ll find in its dedicated summary blog post.

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